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About EzyInsights

EzyInsights for News Agencies is the complete package for newswire and photo analytics. EzyInsights is already helping AAP, ANP, CTK, Keystone-SDA, NTB and PA to mark better decisions, in real-time, about their stories and photos. EzyInsights also improves their sales teams, with the automatic reporting systems, supplying critical usage and performance reports for their customers before that important meeting. EzyInsights will return as a sponsor in Sydney following their appearance at the previous Conferences in Prague and Lisbon.



About PixRay

PIXRAY is a premier provider of visual tracking technologies for the web. We help picture rights owners to effectively track down and monetise copyright infringements. We combine rock science with superb customer service and are proud of our core products: really successful customers! After sponsoring the MINDS Conference in Prague in 2018, and the Lisbon event in April this year, PIXRAY is back as sponsor in Sydney.




About SONY - Alpha 9 II camera

The Sony Alpha 9 II is the company’s second full-frame mirrorless designed for sports and photo-journalistic photographers. The Alpha 9 II is designed to combine the unique & powerful technical innovations of the first generation model with enhanced networking, improved ergonomics and world-class durability. Complemented by the E-Mount range of more than 35 full-frame mirrorless lenses and a comprehensive catalogue of accessories, the Alpha 9 II demonstrates what a sports and reportage camera can be when freed from the constraints of a DSLR design.